Job Description

  • Responsible for providing an excellent educational atmosphere for an International school where students have the opportunity to utilize their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological growth.
    Responsible for Planning, Teaching and Class Management.
    Responsible for Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting and Curriculum Development.
    Special emphasis on real world learning and skill based learning.
    Experience of differential and collaborative learning.
    Responsible for delivering lessons in accordance with the designed program.
    Able to integrate information from other areas within and outside the lesson plan and give relevant examples, metaphors and analogies. 
    Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet students' varying needs.
    Marking and monitor the work of the students and set targets for progress .
    Assessing and recording the progress of the students systematically and keeping records. 
    Enforce regulations concerning student conduct and discipline, and maintain clear and appropriate standards for student behavior in the classroom and in the school premises.
    Implement school systems and policies, in working with students, student records, parents, and colleagues.
    Should be good at written/spoken English.
    Possess thorough knowledge of the subject.


Minimum Qualification



Job Overview

Mathematics Teacher(8 - 10 yrs)

Dissertation India

  •   500000 INR - 700000 INR / Per Month
  •   Hazipur Dasuya Punjab Hoshiarpur 146001
  • Date Posted:
  • November 29, 2018
  • Location:
  • Hazipur Dasuya Punjab Hoshiarpur 146001
  • Job Title:
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Salary:
  • 500000 INR - 700000 INR / Per Month
  • Category:
  • Education /Training
  • Experience:
  • 8 - 10 yrs
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